Florida Federation of Aviculture History

In 1991, the Florida Federation of Avian Societies was formed to focus the efforts of Florida bird clubs on national, state and local legislation affecting all bird owners.

In order to encompass all levels of bird keeping, the directors of FFAS voted to change the name of the organization to the Florida Federation of Aviculture in order to give all aviculturists – individuals, bird societies, and commercial entities – a unified voice when dealing with legislative issues and our rights to keep exotic birds. FFA was incorporated in March 1997.

Membership in the FFA

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As an FFA member you will receive the newsletter of the Florida Federation of Aviculture which is filled with notices of affiliated society events, articles on topics such as avian health, nutrition, housing and care, conservation, research, legislative updates, and a directory of sponsors, directors, officers and members.

Benefits of Membership

For All FFWCC License Holders:

To be on an "Exotic Animal Emergency List" to receive Alerts, emergency information, updates on current legislation please e-mail ffabirds@verizon.net with your e-mail address and name as you are listed on your FFWCC license. This list will NOT be species specific.